Taylor Koa GA LTD Koa Series Fall Limited 2011 Guitar Review In Singapore

Rating: 4

Taylor Fall Limited 2011 -Flame AA-grade koa for this series all-koa -The rosette design incorporates a serpentine swath of koa set against creamy boxwood. The koa/boxwood pairing carries over to the Engraved Twist fretboard inlay, in which the design’s swirling complexity is tempered with the subtle, organic quality of thin wood lines. A shaded edgeburst around the entire guitar — including the neck — adds a touch of vintage Hawaiian charm that’s complemented by rosewood binding, thin white purfling, and Gotoh tuners. The koa top makes koa’s natural midrange sweetness even more pronounced, especially after the guitar has been played in. Koa tend to be well-suited for the stage because the initial attack is balanced and focused without being boomy.

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