Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift (guitar cover) with CHORDS + STRUMMING PATTERN

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Read on to see how i play the song (ie chords, tabs, strumming) This is from her latest album Speak Now! Capo 1st fret Chords: I play the power chord versions of the chords in the link. The fingerings for this version (which i think sounds better are: (with respect to capo) E: 079900 A: 002200 B: 024400 C#m: 046600 Strumming Pattern (in general): Verse: multiple downstrums (palm mute) Chorus: There are 2 ways to play this part. I demonstrate both ways in the video in small segments if u can notice… Version 1: if u want it to sound pretty similar to the studio version all you need to do it just have multiple down strums for the chorus… (this version is for both electric and acoustic) (this can be seen at 2:07 onwards) Version 2: DDUUDU (i would use this version if you wanted to sound like the backup guitars in a live scenario) Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe!!! No copyright infringement intended!

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